Management and Monitoring

Your Site. Our Eyes.

IMARC believes monitoring means having eyes everywhere. Whether it is communicating with upper management, following through on issues and maintenance, tracking trends during studies, or creating customized monitoring tools to boost performance, IMARC stays on top of it for you.

With IMARC Monitors protecting your interests from Day One, your data integrity is ensured, compliance requirements enforced and patient safety entrusted.

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Always Watching. Always Thinking. Always Advancing.

Clinical Monitoring and ManagementMonitoring sites start with understanding how to manage them. IMARC has extensive experience doing both. Are your studies suffering setbacks from slow enrollment or submission of critical data? Do costly delays keep pushing you further away from approval? There are solutions — and IMARC has them.

  • Assessments
  • Initiations
  • Periodic Visits
  • Close-Outs
  • FDA Preps

Build... Cultivate... Think

These three words should serve as the foundation for your next study. They will with IMARC. Our approach to monitoring extends beyond just working from a checklist. IMARC operates from experience.

IMARC Monitors BUILD Confidence, Trust and Relationships.

Creating partnerships powered by open communication and healthy dynamics is how IMARC helps you navigate through the complexities of clinical studies towards your goals.

IMARC Monitors CULTIVATE Compliance, Commitment and Creativity.

Sites monitored from the start by IMARC have never received a warning letter. The reasons: We work diligently to identify non-compliance issues early, proactively problem-solve, implement strategies that prevent reoccurrence, mentor and conduct comprehensive record reviews.

IMARC Monitors THINK Strategically, Logically and Effectively.

Our monitors not only embrace data verification, they push it "off-the-chart" during chart reviews by challenging conventional thinking to verify more than "X=X" and "Y=Y." Extensive training in the FDA's BIMO process enables us to identify, report and fix vulnerabilities quickly in clinical studies to keep you thinking and looking ahead.

For additional information on IMARC Research’s management and monitoring services, please contact John E. Lehmann at 440.801.1540.