Research Training and Development

Clinical Monitoring training and researchYou Need to Reach the Finish Line.
Like Anything Else, that Takes Training.

Your study may be short staffed. It may be operating on a tight budget. Yet one thing it cannot afford to be is derailed due to lack of experience or knowledge. Quality research training is in demand because the increasing needs of clinical research demand it.

IMARC's Innovative Training Program:
Improve Your Research Studies

Even with great improvements in clinical research education in the last decade, we’re still falling short. Read how IMARC can help improve your clinical research studies. The FAIR Shake™ technique takes an otherwise complicated maze of requirements and breaks them down into four simple areas that can be applied to clinical research questions. read more >

Raise the Bar by Giving your Studies a FAIR Shake

IMARC offers affordable training and development programs that will get your clinical research staff – coordinators, investigators, monitors, project managers and others – up to speed fast.

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Be trained to:

  • Implement the framework required to stay compliant.
  • Navigate the regulatory maze with GCP training tailored specifically to your study team.
  • Run your own investigator-initiated IDE or IND study with existing staff.
  • Manage clinical trial requirements before, during and after the trial.

Expert Clinical Research Training for:

  • Monitors
  • Research Coordinators
  • Investigators
  • Project Managers
  • Sponsor / Staff

Training Sessions

Expand your regulatory knowledge of study operations with these courses, or request your own based on your needs:

  • Introduction to Research Coordinating
  • Monitoring "Musts"
  • Understanding Clinical Research Sites (for Project Managers and Monitors)
  • Clinical Site Management
  • Human Subject Protection
  • Monitoring Device Studies
  • Device vs. Drugs
  • Monitoring Team Roles for Global Studies
  • Warning Letters… and the Implications for You
  • Or we can create a customized training program to your needs!

Training Techniques

IMARC training solutions are designed to provide you with a better understanding of your specific research setting and how it functions. These informative, interactive and inspirational solutions include:

  • Didactic Presentations
  • Group Activities
  • Case Study Discussions
  • Warning Letter Reviews & Discussions
  • Games & Quizzes
  • Virtual Study Experiences

For additional information on IMARC Research’s training and development program, please contact John E. Lehmann at 440.801.1540.