Your Site. Our Eyes.

Think of IMARC as another set of eyes - independent eyes continuously focused on keeping your study in compliance. However, what really differentiates us is an ability to simplify complex site issues by proactively problem-solving and pushing for progress.

Our approach to Clinical Monitoring extends beyond following a checklist. The highly-trained IMARC team assigned to your trial understands how to devise and implement strategies, utilize critical analytical skills and challenge conventional thinking.

As for Independent Auditing, IMARC has experience throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia assessing processes and identifying weaknesses for sponsors and site monitors to address. For medical researchers, that translates to everything from ensuring data quality and integrity – to – handling GCP Audits of Clinical Investigators, FDA Audit Preparation and Vendor Qualifications Audits.

Cost-effective Training and Development Programs from IMARC are an efficient way to bring clinical monitors, research coordinators and investigators up to speed — whether for domestic or international sites. Benefit from expert training in areas, including: GCP Compliance, research coordination, site management, informed consents and FDA, JGCP and ICH regulations.

It is not only the final analysis that counts; it’s continuous analysis that sets IMARC apart from the rest. Process improvement based on site study strengths/weaknesses, meeting compliance requirements, research documentation, procedural reviews and progress tracking are just some of our Consulting Services you can use to your advantage.

For additional information on IMARC Research, please contact John E. Lehmann at 440.801.1540