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Posted by John Lehmann on Fri, Apr 27, 2012

Top 5: Industry Acronyms

I came across this MedCity News article and just had to laugh. In the article, the author AmyIndustry Acronyms Siegel pokes fun at the fact we all fall into the acronym trap, admitting to a sentence like, “’The CMO called the PI about the IRB process to estimate dates for FPI and CE mark in the PDP.”

While acronyms have proved to be useful abbreviations by using the initial components in a phrase or word; sometimes is it just better to simply say the real thing?

Here’s what was nominated as the “Top 5 Anxiety Provoking Med-Tech Acronyms (APMAs):”

1. FDA: Food and Drug Administration
2. PMA: Pre-Market Approval
3. SAE: Serious Adverse Event
4. V&V: Verification and Validation
5. CPT: Common Procedural Terminology

I have to say I was a little surprised not to see the infamous IRB make the list! Or how about, CRO? Take a look at the article. The tongue-in-cheek comments will probably make you LOL.

Do you have any “anxiety-provoking” acronyms to add to the list? How about some of your preferred acronyms? I’d have to say, IMARC definitely makes the list for our favorite one! List yours out below!

Photo Credit: bluechocolate

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