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Posted by John Lehmann on Tue, May 1, 2012

A LinkedIn Group’s Repeal Appeal

Petition 2 3 TaxSocial media has provided a great opportunity to reach colleagues, customers and friends in the most convenient places. We’ve used LinkedIn for some time and found some great industry-related content, contacts, and valuable online conversation.

Interestingly enough a MD+DI headline caught my attention this week; it reads “Can a LinkedIn Group with Over 100,000 Members Help Get the Device Tax Repealed?” Intrigued? The article speaks of how the founder of the Medical Devices Group on LinkedIn, which boasts thousands of members, has taken quite a stand on the 2.3% tax included in the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.

Most medical device companies seem to oppose the tax. In fact, in a previous article we talk about the hidden costs in the medical device act and how the levy may be even more expensive then most projections estimate. Another of our blog posts talks about the possibility of the tax pushing companies overseas which could:

  • Cause a huge job loss in the US
  • Stifle innovation, research, development and manufacturing
  • Result in higher priced goods

As a result, the owner of the group, Joe Hage, started a petition website , called NO 2.3%, with the goal of obtaining 25,000 signatures to repeal the tax. Currently the petition has around 2,000 signatures but hopes to reach its mark by July 18th. The website also includes videos, charts, and articles on this major medical device issue.

Will you add your name to the petition and tell congress: “Repeal the 2.3% innovation-crushing medical device tax against American industry!” as Joe Hage puts it? Comment below on why you will, or will not.

Photo Credit: Lars Plougmann

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