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Posted by John Lehmann on Fri, Aug 31, 2012

Friday Fun: Nick-names for Medical Devices

Friday FunA recent DeviceTalk blog on MD+DI caught my attention. The article’s title, “What’s in a Medical Device’s Name? For Patients, a Lot” speaks to the fact that for some patients a lifetime is spent with their medical device. This is especially true for those with chronic conditions, like Type I diabetes.

Apparently this “closeness” has led some patients to nick-name their life-saving medical devices. The article points to an online conversation thread where some shared their device’s pet names.

Here are some that are named for insulin pumps and glucometers:

  • The Count
  • Donald Pump
  • Lester the Tester
  • Lil’ Dracula
  • Megatron

With all that some patients struggle with heath wise, it’s good to see some keeping a good attitude and having some fun. Check out the thread for more names, like lancets named “Stabby”!

Here at IMARC we use “Brent the Stent” and “Jill the Pill” in training- How about you? Do you have any fun names for medical products? Share them below!

Photo Credit: EpSos.de

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