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Posted by Sandra Maddock on Tue, Sep 11, 2012

Is HIPAA Cost Effective in Clinical Research?

Is HIPAA Cost EffectiveA new report was published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which outlines ten recommendations to achieve a better health care system. The report, “Best Care at Lower Cost- The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America,” touched on elements that directly influence our industry. The ten recommendations fell into three main categories:

  • Foundational Elements
  • Care Improvement Targets
  • Supportive Policy Environment

IOM states one of the main issues effecting clinical research costs relates to privacy rules. In fact, as stated by another news-release, “Privacy rules for clinical trials and research that researchers said were skewed too heavily toward protecting patient privacy to the detriment of cost-effective research and product development.”

While protecting patient information is a critical component of any clinical trial, IOM believes that improper interpretation of privacy rules have “increased the cost and time to conduct research, impeded collaboration, and hampered the recruiting of subjects.”

How can we cut clinical research costs? Data utility. IOM recommends, “Streamline and revise research regulations to improve care, promote the capture of clinical data, and generate knowledge.” The report also details strategies for progress towards this goal.

Check out the ten recommendations by IOM. Do you have any more to add? Do you agree with their proposals? Let us know what you think, and comment below!

Photo Credit: Truthout.org

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