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Posted by John Lehmann on Fri, Sep 14, 2012

What Makes a Good Monitor?

what makes a good monitorWell it’s no secret that our industry is a fan of acronyms. Acronyms are widely used as helpful mnemonic devices to remember important or useful information. And, let’s face it- from examples like ALCOA to FAIR Shake, they’re just too good to stop using! Here’s another to add to the list that revolves around monitors.

We’re often asked- What makes a good monitor? While there is no easy, simple answer to this question, being a monitor requires a mixture of a lot of different key components. Express Pharma Online attempted to simplify a complex answer, while describing some of the monitor’s roles, all in one acronym.

So, what makes a good monitor? One that is “SMART”:

S- Spokesperson

“The monitor serves as the main communication link between the sites and the sponsor”

M- Manager

“This means planning ahead to prevent potential problems, organizing available resources properly, motivating the site and controlling the situations constantly.”

A- Auditor

“The monitor is the first level auditor in pointing out problems, misconduct, fraud..”

R- Reporter

“The monitor must send a letter to the site and prepare a written report of each visit within a reasonable time.”

T- Trainer (or traveler!)

“Training is a continuous activity in clinical research.”
 “Last but not the least; the monitor should enjoy travelling as this job involves a lot of traveling”.

In addition to the “snip-its” above, the article also provides details on each aspect of the acronym as they relate to a monitor. How accurate do you think this acronym is? Is there any you would add? Let us know, comment below.

 Photo Credit: Ninja M

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