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Compliance In Focus
Posted by Brandy Smith on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Understanding on the Benefits of the FAIR Shake™ Training Method

We recognize that it might not be easy to quickly grasp the concept behind the FAIR Shake™ trainingFAIR Shake Training program, so we have posted a video on our company website that we believe will give you a better understanding of the training program.  Sandra Maddock, CEO and President of IMARC, is featured in the video and walks you through the training methodology.

The FAIR Shake™ technique takes an otherwise complicated maze of requirements and breaks them down into four simple areas that can be applied to clinical research questions.

The goal of The FAIR Shake™ program is to foster a pattern of thinking that will allow you to navigate through the complexity of the regulatory framework in a very simple way that is based in regulatory fact as opposed to popular opinion. This technique will position you to raise the bar on your own study teams as you gain confidence in your ability to wage an educated debate when potential areas of non-compliance are raised.

You can also access the video on IMARC’s YouTube channel or download the FAIR Shake™ whitepaper for a more in-depth overview.

When was the last time you gave your study a FAIR Shake™?

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