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Compliance In Focus
Posted by Sandra Maddock on Mon, Feb 18, 2013

Events that have Shaped Clinical Research

Clinical Research TimelineA project that has long been in the mind of Sandra Maddock’s has come to life.  The challenge was how to translate key events in clinical history into a series of images that depicted both the amazing and tragic events that have impacted medical research.

Maddock worked with her team at IMARC Research to help select the key points in clinical research- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then she collaborated with Nicolette Capuano, a Cleveland-area artist and principal at Beyond the Wall Mural Design. Nicolette took the project and made it come to life through stunning 12x12 digital designs that were mounted onto Plexiglass panels.  The idea was to have these individual designs provide artistic piece-by-piece highlights of the ups and downs of clinical history.

A MedCity News article provides a nice overview of the project and visual walk through of the images.  The clinical research timeline provides everyone with a visual reminder of the important role a CRO plays in the industry.  “Having an understanding of how we fit into that equation as an industry will help us keep that ethical bar as high we can keep it,” Maddock is quoted in the article.

Because of the importance of this project, it has continued.  New pieces are being created and Maddock is working on a book that will expand on this important topic.  Take a look at the images presented and let us know what you think.

Centralized vs. OnSite Monitoring

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