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Posted by Jacqui Lingler on Thu, Apr 25, 2013

NEW! Medical Device Online Marketplace - Look out eBay!

Recently launched,  aptitude's online marketplace main goal is to connect medical device suppliers with device purchasers.  In an article posted on MassDevice.com, aptitude’s Vice President and General Manager described it as being, “like eBay, which provides a marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together."

aptitude’s goal is to bring medical device companies and those that purchase and use medical devices in the hospital/clinic/practice together in order to streamline the bidding and purchasing process. How does it work? 

  • A hospital/clinic/practice provides their specific purchasing information to aptitude LLC:
  • This allows medical device companies to see the hospital’s purchasing trends and buying potential
  • Hospitals can then put out requests for bids on specific products using aptitude LLC
  • Medical device companies signed up with aptitude LLC will receive the request for proposal (RFP) and can then respond with purchasing options for the buyer’s consideration
  • Bids that can normally take a hospital purchasing manager weeks to collect, could now be done online and in a fraction of the time.

What’s in it for aptitude?  Medical device companies that sign up with the portal will pay a subscription fee as well as a transaction fee to aptitude.

What does an online device marketplace mean for the medical device sales force?  aptitude’s senior director of marketing and research described the online portal as “not designed to eliminate the medical device sales reps or remove physician’s influence in purchasing decisions”.  The medical device sales force would still be needed to demo products, provide in-services for proper use of products, as well as provide customer support for the products after purchase. 

With a new level of access to a potential client’s purchasing power as well as the opportunity to respond quickly to a request for bids, do you think an online device marketplace like aptitude will be a good thing for medical device companies?  

How do you think this will impact medical device companies? Do you foresee any downsides? Feel free to comment below.

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