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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Thu, Dec 12, 2013

Download IMARC’s eBook: The History of Clinical Research

For clinical research professionals, the protection of human subjects has always been ofHistory of Clinical Research paramount importance.  Doing so while ensuring accurate and credible data are obtained are the primary roles for every individual on a research team.  Unfortunately, history reminds us that unethical research practices and/or disregard for the well-being of human subjects has not only occurred in the past, but continues to do so today.

Sandra Maddock, CEO and President of IMARC Research, Inc. had a vision that it was important to remind everyone of key historical milestones which have impacted the field of clinical research.  She also wanted to pay tribute to those who willingly and unwillingly participated in the process through a series of artwork panels that make up the Clinical Research Timeline.  Despite some of these atrocities, much good has also occurred.

Nicolette Capuano, Principal Designer at Nicolette Atelier, ltd., was commissioned to develop the artwork for the Clinical Research Timeline.  The artwork is displayed in the lobby of IMARC Research, Inc. and we have now created an eBook to share with you.  Descriptions of some of the key events that have occurred throughout the history of clinical research are contained within.

We hope that this timeline underscores the importance of our role in the process of scientific discovery.  The price for compromise is high.  History provides us with many reminders of our failure to uphold our obligation to ethical excellence in our work.  Even today, research professionals sometimes fail to protect innocent people from harm and research misconduct.

Please take time to download and review our History of Clinical Research eBook.  We welcome your thoughts and comments, and invite you to visit our office when you are able so that you may view it firsthand.

Photo Credit: Marion Doss

The History of Clinical Research

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