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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Thu, Jan 16, 2014

New Infographic: Comparing Drug & Device Trials

DandD LP THUMB copySeveral years ago, IMARC Research published a whitepaper outlining the similarities and differences between drug and device clinical trials.  Since IMARC focuses primarily in the medical device space, we felt it was important to highlight the differences between the two trials.  It has proven to be one of our more popular whitepapers, so we have decided to offer an infographic as a quick reference.

Clearly, the process of getting a drug or device approved is different, but both require an ethical commitment combined with the proper controls and an understanding of the differences – in the details – between drugs and devices.  Understanding the similarities and appreciating the differences is important for clinical researchers who are involved in both drug and device trials.

So while the investigations of drugs and devices have their differences, by design these differences are intended to accomplish the game goal:  to safeguard research participants while bringing safe and effective products to the market as quickly as possible.

Please take time to download IMARC’s newest infographic: Comparing Drugs & Devices: How are the Clinical Trials Regulated? 

Drugs & Devices Trial Guideline

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