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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

Misconduct in Clinical Research – Room for Improvement

IMARC Research believes history provides important examples of clinical research misconductMisconduct in Clinical Research – Room for Improvement  that have helped establish a foundation for understanding the principles that guide modern clinical research.  If you visit our offices, you will see artwork that is featured in our history of clinical research timeline hanging on our walls that depict critical events in history that have helped shape and improve modern clinical research for the well-being of human subjects.

The tragic events noted in the history of clinical research timeline have resonated with many in our industry, and the foundational principles such occurrences have inspired for ethical research are still relevant and essential today.  From the Nuremberg Trials to the Nuremberg Code, one can recognize how some of the world’s most horrific events fostered ethical guidelines that laid groundwork for many of today’s most highly revered ethical principles. However, as history shows us, we cannot rest easy when ongoing abuses remain in a field as sensitive as ours.

IMARC has created a new whitepaper addressing ongoing misconduct in clinical research. In publishing this whitepaper we hope to stress the importance of continuous improvement in the clinical realm and provide encouragement in advocating for patient safety and human subjects protection.

Thankfully, when compared to familiar historical abuses, today’s mishaps do not seem to occur in modern research to such an extreme degree.  And while many might think that severe misconduct is a thing of the past, one only has to pay attention: with a vigilant, monitoring-based mindset you will uncover numerous findings that highlight a lack of proper oversight in clinical research.

We invite you to download IMARC’s newest whitepaper and our History of Clinical Research Timeline.  Please share your thoughts on how our industry can continue to improve the overall quality of clinical research.  We hope this will generate active discussion, given the importance of this topic.

Image Credit: Nicolette Capuano

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