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Posted by Brandy Chittester on Tue, Dec 30, 2014

5 New Year Resolutions from a Monitor

We’re often asked- What makes a good monitor? What’s involved in the day-to-day of being a5 New Year Resolutions from a Monitor CRA? Well, it’s no secret that a good monitor often wears and juggles many hats; from reporter, to auditor, to traveler. And like many with this New Year quickly unfolding there are some resolutions from those that live out the day-to-day of clinical research monitoring:

  1. I will not complain when my travel plans are disrupted.
    Too loudly.
    To strangers.
    Except I will start complaining loudly to you, sir to my left, who is under the impression that he has purchased my seat as well as his own.
  2. I will not get frustrated when I don't get an immediate reply to an e-mail.
    I realize that the study I have e-mailed for information about is only one of a dozen studies that the Research Coordinator is responsible for, in addition to her clinic hours, in her part-time position with the site. I realize that the in-house contact is fielding questions from fourteen sites and the Project Manager and Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Safety, and even still she usually manages to respond to me within the hour. I realize that the world does not revolve around the fact that I leave for the airport in fifteen minutes.
  3. I will show my appreciation for the contributions made by the Research Coordinator.
    He has a million other things to do, and yet he clears off his desk so that I can have a comfortable place to work. He offers me coffee and shows me where the bathroom is and runs all the photocopies I request. He shows incredible grace and understanding when I enter query after query in his hard work. And after I deconstruct his hard work, he welcomes me back in two months for another visit. The least I can do is send an e-mail after our visit to thank him for his efforts. 
  4. I will be more productive during my travel time – but I will think twice before writing a report on the redeye back from the West Coast.
    I know from experience and way too much time spent on edits that sometimes it’s just not worth it. 
  5. I will ask study staff at each site, “How can I help make this better?”
    Because no matter how overwhelmed a site is, because no matter how experienced and organized a coordinator is – there is something I can do to help make things run just a little more smoothly, and I’m genuinely happy to help in any way I can.

Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? Feel free to post below and here’s to science and success in the New Year!

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