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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

Why We’re Launching IMARC University: A Message From Our CEO

imarc universityIt has always been my goal to make clinical research education more widely available to professionals, raising standards across the industry. This vision was the foundation for IMARC more than 16 years ago, and now, we’re taking another major step toward realizing that vision. Starting today, clinical research professionals will have easier access to affordable training through IMARC University, our new series of online training courses.

Our course offerings include role-based training for monitors and research coordinators, course packages, and individual courses that cover a range of regulatory issues. They’re designed to give you and your team the kind of confidence that comes from a deep understanding of the regulations. They’ll teach you to think critically so you’ll know how to find the answers you need.

So, how do you know if our online training is right for you?

Here are three types of clinical research professionals who should consider IMARC University and what they’ll gain.

Monitors and Research Coordinators

Chances are, you didn’t go to school to become a monitor or a research coordinator. You probably had dreams of helping others as a nurse, a physician or perhaps a scientist, and somewhere along the way, you realized clinical research was your next step to fulfilling that dream.

As a former RN, I know how intimidating it can be to make that transition. When I first became a research coordinator, I had no formal training and relied on the expertise of other monitors. I soon discovered there were discrepancies in what they told me. The regulations became my go-to source for objective information, and they are the basis for all of IMARC University’s training courses.

Our role-based training packages prepare new monitors for their first site visit, and also provide a way to ensure more experienced monitors are following consistent guidelines. The same is true for research coordinators, who are working to ensure patient safety and data integrity. The ability to provide cost-effective training that your staff can take at their own pace is essential in an industry where high turnover is common.

Clinical Research Sponsors

While investigators, monitors and research coordinators are required to undergo training, the FDA has no specific requirements for clinical research sponsors. This gap poses a greater potential for errors that could invalidate your data, delaying the release of your product and ultimately leading to lost profits.

Even if you’re outsourcing your research, you need to be able to identify red flags that could hinder or prevent approval. IMARC University’s training courses give sponsors a comprehensive overview of the research process and teach them how to ensure their sites and data are being managed properly.

We offer individual courses that cover good clinical practice guidelines, human subjects protection, and more.

Sales Professionals

As a sales professional, you rely on monitors, auditors and others to do their part so your product is approved. You walk a fine line between being proactive without interfering. Having a better understanding of clinical research regulations helps you establish credibility and work well with research professionals.

That’s why our Foundation Package is a great fit for sales professionals. This series includes two introductory courses on FDA regulations as well as overviews of good clinical practice and the history of clinical research. You’ll learn what to expect in the research process, who is involved, and how you can do your part to keep the study moving along. Our Foundation Package is also a great fit for anyone else involved in the clinical research process, whether they’re an experienced monitor or someone just beginning their career.

No matter where you are in your career, these online courses will help you build credibility and achieve the next level of proficiency.

To learn more about the courses we’re now offering through IMARC University, we invite you to visit our website, imarcuniversity.com.

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