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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Partnering for an Improved Process

The process of obtaining approval for new medical devices can be a long and windy road.  This complicated and sometimes confusing process may soon get a little easier, according to an Industry News press release.

LifeScience  Alley™ is a 650 member organization that prides itself on aiding, educating, and leading their members in their pursuits for success.  According to their website, LifeScience  Alley™ also “partners with organizations to educate and lobby legislators on issues critical to the success of our members.”  This strategic affiliation will now include a partnership between them, the FDA, and academic experts to take a new look at the procedures, practices, and science behind the approval of medical devices.  The goal is to bridge the gap between what some call a slow, confusing process and what others say is a somewhat lackadaisical review process before a device goes to market.

This idea of getting both regulators and manufacturers on the same page to streamline the process of getting a device to market, if successful, seems like a win-win for everyone involved.  Including the patient who just may be waiting for a miracle…

IMARC is a proud member of LifeScience Alley™ and looks forward to the partnership for the clinical research industry. 

How do you feel about this new partnership?

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