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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Wed, Feb 8, 2012

What is the Value of Social Media for Medical Device Companies?

It seems as though these days, everyone has a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. In fact, even public groups and companies are using social media in similar ways and in abundance.

Some ask: what is the value to a medical device company using similar tactics? In several published articles, for example here and in this survey, it seems as though many medical device companies may have asked themselves this same question. The medical device industry as a whole has been slow to utilize the different aspects of social media, and as this qualitative analysis points out, a significant percentage of medical device employees are still not using social media regularly.

As noted in the first article, companies may have been waiting for a social media guideline from the FDA prior to moving towards the social media trend. In early 2011, the FDA was set to provide a draft guidance, which would discuss six issues related to the social media promotion of regulated medical products. In fact, the FDA did recently release a draft guidance; however, this document focuses mainly on off-label uses for regulated drugs and medical devices

How do you think that social media can and should play a role in the growing medical device industry? As IMARC moves into social media, we are interested in your thoughts.

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