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Compliance In Focus
Posted by Mary Lewis on Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Take a Quality Snapshot of Your Clinical Study

How is auditing different than monitoring? Why do we need to audit? Since these questions Take a Quality Snapshot.jpgare so often asked, we decided to create a graphic that will help you understand when to consider an audit. In short, auditing brings an independent, quality assurance perspective to the clinical research landscape Investigational sites, sponsors, and vendors benefit from high-level process assessments and improvements. Experienced auditors leverage extensive training to help ensure subject safety, data integrity, and protocol and regulatory compliance.

Download our “Why Auditing “graphic today to get answers to you auditing questions.

Elements of a Regulatory Inspection | IMARC Research

photo credit: Essential_Photos Bathroom Selfie via photopin (license)

Topics: Auditing, Quality Assurance


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