On June 13, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that isolated genes occurring naturally in the human body can not be patented. As commented by NIH Director, Francis Collins, MD, PhD, this is a win for those awaiting more gene-based approaches to medical care and innovation.   He goes on to note that this allows for patients to benefit from the rapidly growing area of personalized medicine; opening the door for tailored approaches to the diagnostics, treatment and preventative strategies. In the case reviewed by the Supreme Court, Myriad Genetics acquired patents on two genes that are strongly correlated with breast and ovarian cancer. As a result, the cost of testing for those genes has been pushed to a cost too expensive for many middle- and low-income women to learn if they were at risk for these cancers. It is clear that the patients will be the first to benefit from this ruling, but is there anyone else that can count this as a win?