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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Tue, Feb 28, 2017

What is Good Clinical Practice?

Do you know why rules, regulations and standards exist? What exactly is Good ClinicalGood Clinical Practice Infographic.jpg Practice and how does this help protect patients and data integrity?

Protecting patients is at the core of clinical research and one of the ways research teams can ensure human subjects are protected is through holding up rules, regulations and standards set forth. Good clinical practice (GCP) is something that encompasses all these things because it is:

An attitude of credible excellence in research that provides a standard for clinical study design, implementation, conduct and analysis

Many cornerstone events have occurred in history to make clinical research what it is today. Often times the biggest events in patient protection had roots in some of the most unethical tragedy. We have a whitepaper devoted to the key principles that make up good clinical practice, and how to take “good to great” in clinical research.

Since this topic is so important we’ve created a one page guide you can print for free which defines GCP, describes what makes up GCP, and ultimately reminds us that the responsibility for clinical research ethics rests on all of our shoulders.

Use our infographic as a memento- the only way to practice clinical research is with Good Clinical Practice!

Data Safety Monitoring Boards and Clinical Events Committees

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