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Compliance In Focus
Posted by John Lehmann on Tue, Sep 19, 2017

Working with IMARC: Your Partners in Compliance

Working With IMARC Preview ImageOur latest guide is an in-depth look at how IMARC can work with you to ensure compliance throughout the Clinical Trial Lifecycle, including case studies within the following areas of service: Monitoring, Auditing, Project Management, Safety Management, Training and Consulting.

Here is a short preview of what's in the guide:


A sponsor’s job is much easier when they have a strong partnership with a compliance-minded CRO. Sites are engaged in the study and hit their milestones for start-up, enrollment and completion. Study data is entered, monitored, cleaned and locked on time. When all is running smoothly, the sponsor may not give much thought to the relationship with their CRO, but they know they cannot afford to lose them.

When a sponsor’s relationship with the CRO is strained, however, nearly every area of the study could suffer. Red flags pop up everywhere. Enrollment is slow. Sites enroll ineligible subjects and deviate from the protocol, jeopardizing the integrity of the data. The study goes over budget and misses critical deadlines. Work may have to be redone, and the sponsor may need to find another CRO midway through the study.

Hiring the right CRO is essential to success. But it's only half of the equation. To make the most of your partnership, we also recommend 6 best practices in the guide below.

Ready to take the next step to ensure compliance? Click below to get the complete guide and learn more about what it's like to work with IMARC - Your Partners in Compliance.

Working With IMARC, Your Partners in Compliance CTA

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