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Clinical Research Monitoring
IMARC Clinical Research Monitoring Services



Your Site. Our Eyes.

Are your studies suffering setbacks due to delays in enrollment or submission of critical data? Is your staff stretched too thin trying to manage it all? IMARC brings a holistic approach to monitoring, overseeing every aspect of your trial. Whether it is communicating with upper management, following through on issues, tracking trends during studies or creating customized monitoring tools to boost performance,
IMARC stays on top of it for you.

Monitoring as a Mindset

Always Watching. Always Thinking. Always Advancing.

We protect your data integrity, enforce compliance requirements and maintain patient safety so you can earn approval and bring your device to market faster. Whether you’re looking for a partner to manage your sites
at every stage or just need someone to make periodic visits, you can count on our team. 

Study Logistics
Study Logistics
Study Implemations
Study Implementation
Ongoing Study
Ongoing Study Management
Study CloseOut
Study Closeout
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Build... Cultivate... Think

These three words define our approach to your next study. We are committed to building confidence, cultivating trust and thinking critically to help you achieve your goals.


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