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Clinical Research Timeline

Clinical Research Timeline

History of Clinical Research

Clinical Research Timeline

The Story

As research professionals involved in clinical trials, we have been charged with the immense responsibility of protecting human subjects, but as history has taught us, unethical practice and disregard for the well-being of human subjects has occurred and continues to occur. IMARC commissioned this piece of art to pay tribute to those who courageously participated in clinical research, both willingly and unwillingly, to recognize the good that has come out of the atrocities, to highlight some major achievements that would not have been possible without clinical trials, and to serve as a reminder to all of us that as we write our chapter in clinical research history, we do so ethically, with a strong regulatory foundation, and always—always—with an eye on human subject protection above all else.

605 BC Book of Daniel Learn More
500 BC The Hippocratic Oath Learn More
1747 James Lind’s Scurvy Experiment Learn More
1887.jpg Learn More
1906 FDA Pure Food and Drug Act Learn More
1928 Sir Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin Learn More
1932-1972 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study Learn More
1937 Elixir Sulfanilamide Disaster Learn More
Screen_Shot_2016-02-09_at_3.30.50_PM.png Learn More
1939 -1945 World War II Experiments Learn More
1944 Multicenter Studies Learn More
1944 - 1974 Learn More
1947 Nuremberg Code Learn More
1951 Henrietta Lacks Learn More
1960s Harvard Psilocybin Experiments Learn More
1962 Kefauver-Harris Drug Amendment Learn More
The Milgram Experiment Learn More
1964 Declaration of Helsinki Learn More
1974 The National Research Act Learn More
1974 FDA Bureau of Medical Devices and Diagnostic Products Learn More
1976 Medical Device Amendments Learn More
1979 The Belmont Report Learn More
1981 FDA Regulations Title 21 Learn More
1990 International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines Learn More
1990 The Safe Medical Devices Act Learn More
1991 The Common Rule Learn More
1993 MedWatch Learn More
1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Learn More
1996 National Bioethics Advisory Commission Learn More
1996 The World Health Organization Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice Learn More
1996 Hoiyan (Nicole) Wan Learn More
1999 IMARC Research, Inc. Learn More
1999 Learn More
2004 -2007 Ketek Learn More
PIP Breast Implant Scandal Learn More

DOWNLOAD The history of clinical research TIMELINE & POSTER

IMARC Research commissioned a timeline of artwork, compiled within this eBook, to pay tribute to those who courageously participated in clinical research.