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Danielle Sas
Connect with Danielle

Danielle Sas

Lead Clinical Research Associate

Danielle joined IMARC from UH Elyria Medical Center (formerly EMH Regional Medical Center), where she served as an ICU nurse for eight years. Danielle performed all standard nursing procedures while caring for patients in an in-patient facility; in addition, she assumed charge nurse responsibility in the ICU, led the training and orientation for new staff members, and mentored nursing students. Prior to this, Danielle worked as a patient care technician and dental assistant radiographer, assisting in patient care and dental procedures.

Danielle has been part of the IMARC monitoring team since January 2013. She has monitored studies investigating treatments for thoracoabdominal, abdominal, and iliac aneurysms, aortic dissections, peripheral artery disease, and in-vitro diagnostics, as well as lending her monitoring expertise on physician-initiated studies. Most recently, Danielle was promoted to Lead CRA, bringing her expertise to lead monitoring teams for endoscopy studies. She is also IMARC’s lead for physician-initiated studies.

Danielle’s background as a patient care nurse has allowed her to readily step into the monitoring role, and has been extremely helpful in the review of the variety of subject medical charts and electronic records that she encounters. Danielle’s compassionate nature allows her to remember that every study subject ID number is a patient who needs that particular study treatment or device, putting patient protection at the forefront of her work. Her work is very thorough with strong attention to detail, which is what study teams can rely on with her role as the Lead CRA.

Danielle has received a Bachelor of Health Science degree from Cleveland State University and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing from Lorain County Community College. Danielle also completed a dental assistant radiographer course at Cuyahoga Community College, and maintained a professional membership in the American Association of Critical Care Nurses from 2008-2014.