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Course Catalog

Prepare your clinical research team to gain approval with online training courses through IMARC University. These courses cover many aspects of the clinical research process, from FDA regulations and GCP standards to adverse event reporting and advanced monitoring topics. See descriptions of our individual courses, role-based training and course packages to decide which ones are right for you.

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IMARC University

IMARC University is a series of affordable online training and continuing education courses designed to prepare you and your team for clinical research compliance. In this video, you’ll learn why we’re launching IMARC University and how you and your team can benefit from this training.

Why IMARC University?

Discover what makes our online training program for clinical research professionals so unique.

How it Works

Enrolling in courses through IMARC University is simple! Find out how to get started.

IMARC University: Role Based Courses

Learn more about IMARC University’s courses to train people for different roles within clinical research, including monitors, auditors and research coordinators.

IMARC University Course Packages

Find out what courses are covered in each of our course packages, what you’ll learn and who will benefit from this training.


IMARC University: Individual Courses

Learn more about the stand-alone courses we offer on a variety of topics related to clinical research compliance.